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This Vixen said | Michiana Boudoir Review

This Vixen said “I decided to have a Michiana Boudoir Session after I had followed Crystal’s Vixens (FYI Crystal’s Vixens is Michiana Boudoir Facebook group, join at this link) a little while. I loved the positivity and empowerment for women. That’s just what I needed. I’ve got self confidence problems and I struggle with my body. I’m a bigger girl. All of the positive comments and the way having a shoot done made other women feel was really convincing to me to try it.

Leading up to my Session I wasn’t really that nervous to be honest. I kept telling myself, its okay she sees other naked women all the dang time. During the Session I felt relaxed, Crystal and I had a talking problem. (Note from Crystal: it’s mostly me. It’s almost always me LOL) Unexpectedly, I felt so sexy. I didn’t think I would but I kept thinking I can’t wait to see his face when he sees this!

After my Session, my make up was done so beautifully that I just wanted to go out so people could see how pretty I looked. I don’t say I look good very often, but I looked GOOD. Working with Crystal and hanging out with her was a blast! I want to thank her for making me laugh and having fun with me while we were shooting, for the pep talks and explanation of what we were gonna do. Also, thank her for the beautiful pictures she took of me and for showing me what everyone else sees! Michiana Boudoir is doing amazing things for women! I’m so thankful for empowering, uplifting women like Crystal!”



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