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Lady “M” said | South Bend Boudoir

Lady “M”said “I have never been the pretty girl and have always had extremely low self esteem. I have always shied away from being in any photo, and I was sure that would be the case this time. That I would get to the studio and end up being too scared, or that my fear would be portrayed in the pictures and I would look terrible. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Crystal and her team did an amazing job at making me feel not only relaxed but confident. When I saw my pictures for the first time I was speechless, they were absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t believe that the woman in the photos who looked so confident was me. I did these photos as a surprise for my husband (he loved them!!), but I was amazed at what they did for me. If you have ever considered doing something like this I would strongly encourage you to go for it, you won’t be disappointed!”

Thank you for being so brave Lady “M”, I’m so proud of every image we created together!

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