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“C” said | Michiana Boudoir Review

This Vixen was awesome to work with and her words just WOW. Clients like you are my WHY. Thank you for sharing “C”!
Vixen “C” said “I had so many emotions leading up to my appointment. I was nervous as hell, yet excited. I was a tad insecure, yet curious. I felt embarrassed about my body and about the fact that I’m just not a “girly girl”. I don’t wear sexy bras and panties! I’ve been purchasing the same bra online for the past 5 years because it is comfortable, practical and works with what I got going on up top. My “panties” come in packs of 5 for $10 at Target. I knew I had to get creative and step outside of my comfort zone! I sat down and really thought about why I was doing this. I went from doing this for my husband and our anniversary, to doing it for myself and my confidence. I once felt like a hot girl, but it had been years since I really felt that way. Life just took over… marriage, kids, work, school etc… I wanted to feel that confidence I once had. I wanted to show my own girls that I am confidant and happy in my own skin. I wanted to prove that I am brave and that I do have sexiness within myself. I could do this!
From the second I booked my appointment, Crystal was amazing! The bootcamp emails were a tremendous help in preparing for my appointment and they also helped ease my nerves a bit. The drive to my appointment was rough! I was beginning to doubt myself and feeling very uncomfortable. Crystal met me at the door and didn’t cringe or freak out when she saw me, so I figured maybe I can get through this after-all. She was so welcoming and fun right away. I immediately felt my nerves calming down. She walked me through the whole process and it was amazing! I couldn’t belief how awesome it was. I felt amazing! I had fun! I felt like myself! I felt sexy and beautiful! I never once felt judged or like I wasn’t worthy enough to be doing this. I felt confident!
My pictures are absolutely amazingly beautiful! I love them and the way that I feel when I look at them. The added bonus is that my husband loves them too. Crystal has a great talent and is amazing at what she does. She is awesome to work with and I would certainly do this again. I can’t thank her enough for being so great through this and for helping me “see” myself again.”
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