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H of WakarusaI was excited to have this photo session done for my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary! I was very impressed by the website. It gave a lot of helpful tips and information with what to expect etc. I felt very comfortable with Crystal, she was very professional! I would totally recommend Crystal to friends and family!” June 10, 2014


C of Niles My photo shoot at Michiana Boudoir was 100% awesome! Michiana Boudoir presented a very professional and comfortable atmosphere. My boyfriend surely loved the pics and so do I. I would highly recommend doing a shoot if you have the chance. It is definitely an experience that will last a lifetime!” May 31, 2014


P of Edwardsburg says So much fun! Laughter, totally makes you feel at ease!! Honestly, try it!!!! You will not be sorry at all!!!! Pictures are amazing!!!!!!” May 27, 2014


T of Edwardsburg says “I was nervous before the appointment, but shortly after getting there Crystal made me right at ease. The pictures turned out beautiful and sexy. I am so happy that I did it.” April 9, 2014


C of Goshen says “I had a great experience and would recommend it to anyone. I am in my late 50’s with body and wrinkle, (age), issues and I was pleased how the photos were taken in flattering ways. From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease and very comfortable.” April 8, 2014


H of  Osceola says “It was great to spend a morning pampering myself to get ready for the shoot. I was nervous but Crystal was awesome the second I walked through the door. She helped me with my wardrobe choices and lacing up my corset. She made the whole experience fun and we laughed a lot. The studio was a very relaxed environment and I never felt exposed or nervous once we started. After the shoot I took my husband out to supper and then back to the studio for the peep show. It was a total surprise for him. Needless to say I think I get wife points for life!! Awesome experience. Our album was great to when we got it!!” March 25, 2014


L of Granger says “I wasn’t nervous about the shoot itself but I was very skeptical that I would actually take good pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the images were. The final results definitely gave me a self-image boost. I would love to do another session at some point and have highly recommended the session to friends.”  August 15, 2013


T of Claypool says “I was super nervous before arriving for my boudoir pictures. I came in early and you were super friendly eating your ice cream. I appreciate the small talk to help make me feel comfortable. I felt great during the shoot and felt like the direction you have made me more comfortable. Even though at times while posing I thought…yikes! You knew exactly what looked good! Thank you so much for the amazing pictures! Not only did my husband absolutely love them but he thinks I look like a model. I appreciate the time you took at the peep show as well. You were awesome! P.S. My butt shot was AMAZING and when I’m 80 years old looking back at these photos I will stilled be amazed.”  June 22, 2013


N of Elkhart says “I had a wonderful experience. I was nervous at first but quickly felt at ease. I loved my photos and so did my husband!”June 12, 2013


N of Osceola says “I was so nervous going into the session but Crystal made me feel comfortable right away by helping me with my wardrobe selections. The pictures turned out amazing! I will definitely recommend these services to others!” March 3rd, 2013


S of Warsaw says “I was nervous going into the session but once I started having my hair and makeup done I began to relax. Then the session began and Crystal immediately made me feel at ease. I was so glad I had upgraded to the full 90 min. It was so much fun. When I got to see the finished pictures I was so impressed. They made me feel beautiful!” February 25th, 2013


L of Mishawaka says  “I was not too sure what to expect going in, but it turned out to be an amazing experience. My husband loved the picture album! Thanks for making it such a fun a relaxing experience.” February 11th, 2013


D of Granger says “I was very nervous about the session. I knew it was something that would be fun and I wouldn’t regret but when it came down to actually doing the session, I was pretty nervous. I had a blast throughout the session and felt at ease. While looking at my pictures, I was taken back at how well they really turned out. Some of the photos that I thought were really silly, turned out to be some of my favorites because they were so fun and really captured my personality in them.”  February 11th, 2013


L of South Bend says “She made me feel so comfortable and the experience was a blast! Would definitely recommend to any female wanting to spice it up!” February 1st, 201


T of Osceola says “I was so nervous. I am very shy about my body, so this was a big risk for me. I absolutely loved it! I was very comfortable and it was tons of fun! I would def do it again!!”  January 20th, 2013


A of Granger says “I really enjoyed everything about the experience I had. Crystal and Tosha were personable and I instantly felt at ease with each of them. My images were stunning. My husband and I didn’t know that I could look THAT hot. I already bought my sister a session as her Bachelorette gift. Thanks!!!” January 12th, 2012


L of Mishawaka says “The lighting of the images was beautiful! The photos just zeroed in nicely on a special feature of each pose instead of all the imperfections of my forty something skin. Thank you! I’ll definitely do this again.” January 12th, 2013